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Family owned and operated using 100% American products

Disabled American Veterans Engraving Service is owned by my wife and I. We met while serving in the United States Air Force and raised two wonderful children during that time. My wife served as a Plans and Scheduling Specialist for 10 years. I retired from the Air Force as an Avionics Instrument and Flight Control Systems Technician. We both were able to travel the world and cultivate many artistic pursuits along the way. We have a passion for artistic endeavors and have a combined knowledge of ceramics and sculpting, painting, drawing, photography, digital media, and of course engraving. It has been a dream of ours to one day pursue a livelihood that would allow us to use our artistic talents. We were finally allowed that opportunity in February 2014 when we purchased the Epilog Legend Ext 36 and started our business, formerly named Ocean Engraving. From the start we have shrived to provide custom US made quality products to our customers.

All our products are American made using 100 percent American products and materials. Our paddles are handmade in Mississippi. While our Alder, Maple, Poplar and Cherry plaques come from Colorado and our custom made to size Basswood plaques are made with American grown Basswood from North Carolina. We have also found a local Kansas hardwood supplier for our basswood and other specialty hard wood purchases. Our cutting boards are made of Maple while are African Sapele our made in Wisconsin.

Our long term goals are to obtain a Department of Defense (DoD) contract to place engraving stores on or near DoD installations that will be employee own and run by disabled veterans, retired disabled veterans and family members of veterans with brain trauma injuries. The purpose is to provide disabled veterans a satisfying job that they can be proud of and earn a livable income from. As a disabled veteran myself and having family members who are disabled veterans, this is a goal that is close to our hearts.