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Thank you for supporting Disabled American Veterans Engraving Service. We've established this fund to help our business purchase new equipment needed to expand our business.We pride ourselves on making unique custom US made products that will give us the ability to hire Disabled Veterans. Our goal is to turn the business into a employee owned business giving Disabled Veterans a better life.

Below are images of the gift you will receive as a thanks for your donation. Custom images 2500 x 2500 pixels or greater can be engraved on the gift but will have to be converted to vector image. This process can take 5 - 7 days depending on how detailed the image needing engraved is.

To have a custom image engraved on one of the gifts please email us the image to:

Thank you for your support

$50.00 - Bronze Donor Gift

$100.00 - Silver Donor Gift

$150.00 - Gold Donor Gift

$300.00 - White Gold Donor Gift

$500.00 - Platinum Donor Gift

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